Kokua Wireless is a true community based program.  It is self funded through active cooperation and collaboration amongst individuals, businesses, and government.  It is self sustaining and self managed by those who decide to volunteer.  It is unique in that there are no other known models of this kind. It is the equivalent of a neighborhood watch program where those who are interested in improving the community with free wireless access to the internet get involved in helping to make it happen.

KPMG Award: KPMG Website

The Kokua Wireless initiative in Hawaii – offering free municipal wifi on the island of Oahu – humbly began with 15 local businesses putting antennas on their roofs and sharing their internet access. The scheme quickly gained momentum by word of mouth and now has nearly 200 nodes. In exchange for participation, businesses receive free advertising. Every 30 minutes the internet connection is refreshed to prevent illegal downloading; when it boots back up, the user is reconnected and routed to the website of one of the businesses housing an antenna.


How it works:

Using a WiFi enabled device (laptop , smart phone) look for the SSID : Kokua_Wireless_Free_WiFi

Join the network and open a browser to get to our welcome page

Once you click through the welcome page you will be directed to a sponsors page

from there you will have 30 minutes to enjoy your internet access before having to do it again


User Experience:

30 minute sessions

Block adult sites


Email : info@kokuawireless.com