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Block Unwanted and Unknown Activity

DNS filtering is a method of blocking unwanted or unknown activity on your network By using you can filter out web content that you do not wish to see when you browse the internet. You will be surprised on how many domains you really use. Even if you use 500 domains, that’s only 0.0002% of the internet.

Blacklist only : Blocks porn, malware and your specified domains

“They’re not allowed on my browser!”A blacklist is a predetermined list of entities (in this case domains or types of content) that have been blocked from access to your network. Any websites, themes, or domains on a blacklist will not be accessible from your network when you surf the web. If there are types of content that you don’t want to see when surfing the web or even just a series of domains that you would like to block, AlohaDNS can supply you with a blacklist to suit your browsing preferences and keep you safe.Recommended Use: When you have specific things you would like to block from your network. You probably have some predetermined items that you know you want blocked, and over time you may find more by viewing your log of what domains were requested and allowed.

Whitelist Only : allows only specified domains

“If it’s not on the list , it’s not getting in.”If you only want to see safe content when you browse then AlohaDNS can provide you with a whitelist. Whitelists are a series of trusted email hosts, and domains with strict anti-spam policies.Recommended Use: When you want to block out everything but the domains that you have deemed safe for your network. You most likely have some safe domains selected, and wish to add more as you view your logs of what domains were requested and denied.See how many domains your computer really visits. This was created from visiting 6 websites: